Key Discussion Topics

The International Conference on Gender, Diversity and Social Inclusion will provide an opportunity to discuss the role of the sovereign countries in implementation of UN, CoE and EU criteria on the basis of the nexus between human rights, social inclusion and pluralist democracy, including the key areas of discrimination and the function of national policies in combating social prejudices and gender-based violence. 

In reviewing the current situation on global and national levels, the conference agenda will consider critical human rights issues and challenges with a particular focus on the role of the politics, central and local administrations, as well as the independent equality bodies. Therefore, particular attention will be paid to the crosscutting topics below: 

 1 - Responsibilities of the sovereign countries in defending rights of LGBTI people in accordance with the international system,

2 - How to articulate concepts of democracy, public order and social inclusion in gender issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity

3 - Combating social prejudices and exclusion by the use of national policies,

4 - Developing new means for cooperation among institutional political bodies, general society and LGBTI organisations.  

In order to ensure coherence and focus the conference agenda will revolve around key overarching human rights dimensions described above.  

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