Béla Szombati
Deputy Head for the European Union Delegation to Turkey

Karl Kulessa
UNFPA Representative in Turkey

Dilek Kolat
Senator for Employment, Integration and Women, Berlin

Alice Bah Kuhnke
Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy (via video message)

Aylin Nazlıaka
Member of the Turkish Parliament (CHP)

Jonas Gunnarsson
General Rapporteur on the Rights of LGBT People, Council of Europe

Colm Howard-Lloyd
Chairman of LGBTory, Conservative Party LGBT Group, England

Yasemin Kotan
Deputy Mayor for Şişli Municipality, İstanbul

Richard Moore
Ambassador of United Kingdom to Ankara

Emine Beyza Üstün
Member of the HDP Central Executive Board

Paul Lappalainen
Senior Expert, Swedish Equality Ombudsman

Mahmut Tanal
Member of the Turkish Parliament (CHP)

Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir
Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, United Nations Women

Ulrika Westerlund
Chair of RFSL (Swedish Federation for LGBT Rights)

Robert Biedron
Mayor of Slupsk, Poland

Mod: Bjorn van Roozendaal
Programmes Director, ILGA Europe

Levent Korkut
Member of the National Human Rights Council of Turkey

Hasan Bermek
Adviser, Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe

Eleni Tsetsekou
Head of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit, Council of Europe

Murat Hazinedar
Mayor of Beşiktaş Municipality

Yüksel Mutlu
Co-Mayor of Akdeniz Municipality

Emma Sinclair-Webb
Senior Turkey Researcher, Human Rights Watch

Farid Haerinejad
Iran Project Manager, IGLHRC

Kit Dorey
International Policy Officer, Stonewall

Matthew Schaaf
Senior Officer for Eurasia Program, Freedom House

Seçil Gülçat
Expert, Ombudsman Institution of Turkey

Mod: Sedef Çakmak
Member of Beşiktaş Municipal Council

Mariya Voyvodova
Deputy Mayor for Gothenburg, Sweden

Mod: Ayşen Candaş
Assoc. Prof. at the Dept. of Political Science and Int. Relations, Boğaziçi University

Mod: Simten Coşar
Prof. at the Faculty of Communication, Hacettepe University

The International Conference on Gender, Diversity and Social Inclusion will provide an opportunity to discuss the role of the sovereign countries in implementation of UN, CoE and EU criteria on the basis of the nexus between human rights, social inclusion and pluralist democracy, including the key areas of discrimination and the function of national policies in combating social prejudices and gender-based violence.